Momentum 2009 – EMC’s vision

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This post I’ll be continuing the theme of looking at Pie’s EMC World posts as a reference point for what I see here at Momentum. I’ll try and get round to other EMC world posters as well! Andrew Chapman tells me I need to be on twitter as well. Damn I’ve been trying to avoid twitter for as long as possible. Next he’ll be telling me I need an iPhone.
emc-and-mark-lewis-focus-on-return-on-information mentioned a seeming lack of vision at EMC World. Well it’s 6 months later and perhaps EMC have been working hard on a vision. In his keynote speech Mark Lewis talked about the 5 Cs (I can’t remember all of them, but they included Cloud and probably compliance) and also ROI (Return on Information). But here are some other things that I detected.

Case Management. The CMA division has been reorganised around 3 areas, Information Access (CenterStage, WCM, Captiva, MyDocumentum, MySAP), Information Governance (the compliance and discovery stuff) and Case Management. To me the first 2 are just reorganisation of product suites that probably make sense to product managers and it certainly a certain coherence to disparate product sets. However the big thing here was a focus (big focus) on Case Management. In essence EMC Case Management as a halfway house between the old Knowledge Worker (WCM, CenterStage, Web2.0) and the Transactional processing (BPM, Archiving, etc). The focus is on things like loan processing, account opening, HR on-boarding and many other things. These processes look at bit like BPM type problems but they are not really ameanable to traditional BPM technologies; they are too constricting. So products like Task Manager, BPM suite and Composer are being re-oriented to meet this need. It looks to me like EMC is taking a big bet on this area. As far as I know there are no large vendors offering comprehensive products in this area (I expect to get comments to the contrary and welcome the chance to become better educated). It was a very impressive vision particularly a later talk by Dan Cirulli where he talked about some design and development practices involved in Case Management solutions.

Yesterday evening there was a technical keynote speech and one of the more interesting things that transpired was a move to Controlled Releases of EMC products. Basically major product or architecture changes are released to a small number of clients for validation before a general access release. This maybe why some of the releases mentioned last year don’t seem to have arrived as quickly as expected. If so I think it is a brave and commendable move. Software product companies always seem to have a rather ‘macho’ attitude to delivering products possibly to satisfy stockmarket analysts. Personally I’d rather have faith the product was going to work when it was installed. I hope the stockmarket analysts take note.

Momentum 2009 – first post

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Well here I am at Momentum 2009 and as usual I will be blogging about what I see and some of my impressions on where EMC is heading. It’s now Wednesday afternoon so a large part of the conference has already taken place so I have a lot of catching up to do.
It’s interesting when doing these posts to notice the trends from previous Momentums and also EMC world which is usually scheduled about half between sucessive Momentums. As a reminder of what was happening at EMC world this year I took a look at a couple of Pie’s posts from that event. emc-world-2009-the-case-of-the-incredibly-shrinking-momentum commented on the shrinkage of CMA topics at EMC world (which covers all of EMCs offerings unlike Momentum which just covers CMA).

The number of topics seems to have stayed steady, there are 6 tracks with sessions running from monday through to Thursday morning. However the size of the conference is somewhat smaller than previous years I have attended, just over a thousand attendees. I’m not sure if this is due to the recession or just that the venue is smaller (there are definitely less exhibitors and they tend to have smaller stands). For me this is no bad thing as there is definitely a cosier feel and you keep bumping into old friends. I just hope this is not a permanent trend. As you will probably see from my subsequent posts I’m quite excited about some of the directions EMC is taking.

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