Momentum 2011 part 1

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted. Life on both a personal and business level has been super hectic for the last 6 months which meant that something had to give. This blog was one of those things and the DFCProf project the other. Things have more or less returned to normal and I hoped to be ready to start blogging by the time Momentum rolled around. And I made it … just!

I intend to get back to some regular posting as well as spend some more time digging into interesting Documentum internals and performance. I’ve already got some interesting topics in the works such as: hardware mistakes, why you should upgrade Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) if your DCM 5.x installation performs like a dog and what children’s birthday parties can teach us about performance. I’ve also long wanted to write about Documentum folder performance myths.

First things first.My last post, sometime back in May, was from EMC World and my first interest this week at Momentum is how some of the exciting announcements from Las Vegas have panned out over the last 6 months. The really exciting stuff was around Documentum OnDemand, cloud based Documentum, Captiva and DocSciences. How close are we to a real product? EMC has been prone to make big announcements over the last few years and then be slow to follow through with actual production quality product. Will this time be different?

As usual Jeroem van Rotterdam’s future architecture, Next Generation Information Server talk will be eagerly awaited. In addition I’ll be interested to hear how people, especially other customers, have responded to the recent highly marketed Oracle attack on Documentum. Finally since I’ve been working a lot with DCM in recent months I’m interested to hear what the roadmap is for a compliance product. A while back EMC seemed to be pulling back from explicitly supporting an in house Compliance product however the more recent messages don’t seem to back that up. DCM 6.7 is out with substantially improved performance and eSigs, overlays and controlled printing are supported by new product releases.

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