Paul Maritz keynote

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Notes from Paul Maritz vmware keynote

2 types of ‘journey’ happening
IT journey
User journey. Moving from device-centric to infomation centric experience

Focussing on IT journey in this session.

CFO/CIOs are asking questions of IT
Too complex !!!
Too brittle and expensive
Hard to measure
Need to Free up funds for app development (most IT budget goes on Maintenance and operations, not value-add like new app development)

Want and should be Measuring

Raised the idea of a ‘Rate card’, it is becoming possible to compare your metrics against industry standards (how much does it cost to provision a VM, provision GB of storage , etc)

Products in the VMWare stack to assist infrastructure layer:
vMotion Apps + edge functions (edge = firewalls, antivirus, etc needed to make app work)
VcloudDirector, policies, metrics, self service
New product (no name mentioned) Custom analytics reporting, statistical based

Orgs are starting with private cloud and then moving to Hybrid model, this implies need for:
consistent interfaces, common platform.
They have some large Partners lined up with promise of 25 data centres (by end of year?)
Gives customers comfort

Transformation of apps
– developer led revolt against complexity (eg EJB) rails , django,etc
let the hardware sweat
– paas
– new data paradigms eg noSQL, big data

Cloudfoundry released 2 weeks ago

An open source PaaS
– framework, initially Spring, Grails, rails
– data layers
– cloud binding

Enduser access:
Horizon and MVP

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