Running queries in IAPI

August 29, 2007 at 11:16 am | Posted in Troubleshooting | 3 Comments

Just noticed this post in the EMC Forums. The user wanted to know how to run a query in IAPI. Many of the answers talk about using execquery and readquery and so on which is all well and good, however there is a really nifty IAPI command that can run the query and display the results. If you read this blog regularly you will notice I use it a lot.

Using the ‘?’ command will run a query e.g.

?,c,select r_object_id,r_version_label from dm_document where object_name = 'template 1'

produces output like this:

r_object_id       r_version_label
----------------  --------------------------------
0900022b80003bfd  CURRENT
(1 row affected)

no need for next, get and close commands, it’s all done for you by IAPI.


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  1. very useful tip.. thx for sharing.

  2. Thanks Robin. I was the one who left the post.

    Where can I find info on that xsense tool?Is it expensive???

  3. The Xense Profiler can be purchased online at . A single user licence is just $500.

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