What i would like to know about emc world 2010

May 10, 2010 at 5:42 am | Posted in Momentum | Leave a comment

I won’t be at EMC World/Momentum this week however I noted a number of trends at the last Momentum in November. Hopefully bloggers and tweeters at EMC World can comment on whether these observations still hold.

First I detected a refreshing emphasis on ‘execution’, things like not releasing too early, not being driven by macho release dates and so on. This is also evident in the desire to provide plenty of resources to support xCP such as best practices, reference applications and documentation /videos.

Secondly there was the sense that xCP really was CMAs focal point , eclipsing Centerstage in terms of importance. How important is xCP seen by EMC?

Finally a development since November are the tie-ups with Fatwire (WCM) and FirstDoc (compliance). What do these mean for EMCs CMA strategy and are they a sign of strength or weakness? More specifically what do they mean for existing WCM and compliance customers?

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