Momentum 2011 pt 2 Roadmap Session

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This is John McCormicks regular roadmap session. there is the usual disclaimer that dates are not set in stone.

Overall headlines:
Work on making IiG products cloud deployable has had knock on benefits for all deployments (jeroem touches on this in his session immediately after.

Cornerstones of ECM:
Process-analytics-content mgmt-collaboration-?
(nice to see content mgmt fAirly and squarely in the middle of that list. There 5 items on that list, I missed the last one)

D6.7sp1/xPlore 1.2: nov for most products, some clients a bit later
D7/xPlore 1.3: Q3 2012
D7 sp1/ Q1 2013


Rm 6.7 mssp, Dod 5015.2 v3, working on moreq2010
Rm7 high performance ingestion & disposition (bring large-scale dispositions from “days to hours”

Vfabric/vcube – basis of OnDemand
new installers,
easier ha,

Partitioning, handle spikes-> lower cost I.e. No need to overprovision

Cloud enablement progress:
2010 atmos
Early 11, vmware ready
D7 vfabric, scriptable installer, dynamic provisioning

xMS (= xCelerated Management Service, I think)
“xms” foundation for xcp2 and d7
Templates/blueprints (more in Jeroem’s session)
Deployment goes from weeks to hours

Amp (asset management product) tracks usage from logs

D7 improved monitoring first platform &. xPlore then Apps

Perf and scalability
Type caching xcp
Queue mgmt

Widening group/ username size 256 chars!!!

Web service : restful (still supporting soap-style but much new Ui will work on top of rest)
Generated application services , custom web apps. Create object types-> automatically generate service code (expect more on this from Jeroem tomorrow)
Interoperable cmis 1.1 expected next year

Mobile standards support

My dctm/ sdk, custom objects

6.7.1 merge desktop and offline
Support mac

Integrated analytcs/facets

Big idea: Search with action (via Fss,cis, xplore)

CIS: Linux, office2010, taxonomy cold start (point cis at repository and suggests an initial taxonomy)
Xplore: 1.2 thesaurus , custom nlp, new lang support, improved performance (wildcards)
Query based subscription-scheduled, initiate process, notify etc (idea: you specify a search term then xPlore schedules search and initiates some action if new data found)

Fast support ends 2011!!! Hundreds xplore deployments already

1.3 integrated analytics?? Not sure exactly what this meant


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