DMCL Tracing WDK Applications

The term ‘WDK applications’ covers all the following:

• Webtop
• TaskSpace (check)
• WebPublisher
• Documentum Administrator
• Digital Asset Management
• Custom applications built on WDK

Tracing instructions:

1. Start the WDK application and login
2. Navigate to http://%5Bservername%5D:%5Bport%5D/%5Bappname%5D/wdk/dmclTrace.jsp?level=10
3. Note the location of the tracefile which is returned in the response to the browser
4. Click the back button to return to the previous screen (the url /[appname]/component/main also seems to work in most cases)
5. Carry out the tasks that are to be traced
6. Switch off the trace by navigating to http://%5Bservername%5D:%5Bport%5D/%5Bappname%5D/wdk/dmclTrace.jsp?level=0

A typical example of the url to start tracing is http://myserver:8080/wp/wdk/dmclTrace.jsp?level=10.

Since the DFC and DMCL is running on the application server that hosts the WDK application, the trace file will also be located on the application server. If you have a multi-server environment then the trace will be run on whichever application server your session is connected to. If you don’t have an easy way of identifying which application server you are connected to then your will have to search the trace location on each of the servers.

Another point to understand is that the DMCL trace will trace every session for the particular application server it is started for. If the server you have connected to has, say, 100 concurrent sessions running turning on the trace will trace all those sessions. For this reason it is not a good idea to leave the trace switched on longer than necessary to capture the required data.

In WDK applications prior to 5.3sp4 you were able to specify the trace file location yourself using the filename parameter:



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  1. Thank you! It helped me. Do you know if this does the same work as setting IDfSession#traceDmcl(int level, String logFile?

  2. xe audi 4 cho

    DMCL Tracing WDK Applications | Inside Documentum

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