Documentum and Greenplum

January 14, 2013 at 8:30 am | Posted in Big Data | 1 Comment
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@Mikemasseydavis tweeted “will we see #documentum and #greenplum become a ‘platform'”. This aphorism obviously had some attraction since myself and 2 others retweeted it. In a way this is not a completely new idea as Generalli Hellas backed the notion of ‘xCP as the action engine for Big Data‘ which was one of the big ideas that came out of Momentum 2011. In fact EMC seem to have big ideas in this area as evidenced here.

I would ask the following questions:

  • How much effort are EMC going to put into this area? How fast will they be able to deliver?
  • Does a Greenplum connector for xCP and a feed into Greenplum constitute a platform? What else is needed to make it a platform?
  • What are the use cases? Gautam Desai mentions a document with 20 use cases.

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  1. Robin,

    In Q1 or Q2 2013, Greenplum is going to become part of a new EMC/VMware software group, Pivotal Initiative (PI), headed by Paul Maritz (see:

    Maritz grew VMWare to what it is today.

    From what I can tell, EMC is going to keep IIG where it is for now (see, I say this because the employee count for PI and where each employee is coming from has already been announced and IIG appears to be untouched.

    As a result, I think it’s unlikely that Greenplum and Documentum will be doing anything together any time soon. (Greenplum will be too busy integrating with VMware technologies.)

    BTW, have you ever heard Greenplum talk about Documentum? When and in what context? I think that Documentum enthusiasts are more interested in Greenplum than the other way around.

    In any case, I’m sure Rick D. knows where IIG stands, has anyone posed this question to him? If you guys give me enough reason to do so. maybe I will.

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