EMC World – Transformation of ECM

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My notes and comments from Chris Preston’s Transformation of ECM session.

  • Value Creation
    • Used to be transformation of raw materials via industrial processes
    • Now application of content processing and analystics to data creating valuable knowledge
  • Originally ECM was about operational efficiencies now more about strategic advantage
  • 3 dimensions of information growth:

  • Volume (obviously!)
  • Richness Chris mentioned specifically document formats but I would add relationships and context as key elements of the richness
  • Dispersion – data is no longer necessarily within organisational data centres. Think of public cloud, facebook, information residing with partners and customers
  • Really nice slide on Increase of Regulations & Standards – it just shows those words with a background of hundreds of regulations/standards from around the world
  • Supporting the New User
    • They use facebook instead of email -> demand new ways of working based on home experience
    • They want to self provision don’t/can’t wait for IT
    • Expect choice on device types – no longer just your work desktop

    I have more to say on this but that will have to wait for another post

  • Evolution of IT – waves of IT change every 15 or so years
    • Desktop – this was about increasing computer capacity, database applications, client server
    • Web – ubiquitous connectivity, just coming out of this era
    • Post-PC – Now! multi-device, choice, context
  • Implications
    • Users want choice
    • Data centres are becoming consolidated (public and private cloud) but data is more dispersed
    • Information Fabric I think this will be one of the buzzwords of the week!
  • Now started to talk about how this relates to information products
  • slide with 3 vertical stacked layers, bottom to top:
    • Information governance SourceOne and records managent
    • ECM
    • Case Processing
  • Captureie Captiva – great RoI often 4-6 months
  • Centralized Information Management – federated repositories and CMIS – not monolithic repository, that doesn’t work
  • New User Experience – ECM your way – native app, sharepoint, web etc. and of course centerstage
  • case processing
  • Best of Breed approach, works fine initially but becomes/is brittle due to all the integrations
  • Alternative Case Management platform – xCP
  • Showed a real-life example of a Loan application (there was a mention for Chris Campbell of First Command!)
  • The big news
  • Announced a location independent EMC On-Demand
  • Includes ECM, Case Managenent, capture and DocSciences (customer engagement)
  • Managed by EMC experts
  • Can be on or off premises
  • just a taster there will be more on this later in the week

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