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Just finished breakfast at EMC World so it’s time to think about the week ahead. As usual there is so much I could see but there just won’t be time to cover everything. This is my first time at EMC World itself which compared to Momentum is just huge. So what will I be looking at and why?

First the future of Documentum. Primarily this will involve visits to Jeroem van Rotterdam’s architecture sessions but I wonder to what extent it will permeate the other sessions?Jeroem gave a tantalising glimpse in Lisbon of the concept of a Next Generation Information Server to replace the venerable Content Server. This time we are promised a demo of NGIS! Also he will be discussing the new scalable architecture. Make no mistake this is Important stuff. Much progress is being made to make Documentum suite VMWare ready but that is not the same as cloud-ready despite some of the messages that will probably come out this week. Assuming this ‘cloud thing’ will be more than just a buzzword then these developments will be essential to the future of Documentum.

Next Captiva. 6 months ago at Lisbon I was pleasantly surprised at the progress made with capture technologies. Most of my previous experience was with old Kofax versions, with VB release code, separator sheets, operator-keyed keywords and metadata. Capture was usually labour -intensive. I’m interested in seeing document learning, automated metadata capture and advanced recognition technologies driving up the ROI to make many more capture projects possible.

The next item is xCP-this is more a watching brief but I’m interested to see to what extent xCP is positioned as more than just case management.

Finally Atmos. This is a bit of a new one for me but cloud-based storage will become more and more important. It makes sense to get an understanding of what EMC has to offer in this area.

Very exciting, now for Joe Tucci’s keynote!


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