Momentum 2010 pt 1

October 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Performance | 2 Comments

I don’t seem to be able to get my laptop connected yet so I’ll be blogging from my iPhone. That means posts are likely to be shorter and snappish.

One of the questions Pie has asked is what is EMCs vision for ECM. I have to say yet again I didn’t “get” a vision from Mark Lewis’ keynote. He says a lot of things that are informative and insightful but it tends to have a very abstract quality . There is nothing I can take back to a CIO or programme manager and say “we need to invest in EMC so we can do this”.

This was thrown into sharp relief by a short piece that Whitney Tidmarsh related later on in the session. The use case was very specific and personal: approving press releases. Today you might have a standard document mgt solution perhaps with versioning and workflow. However what would be great is an interface that supports:
– a context-sensitive workspace ; when I select the press release approval the workspace knows that it is a press release and provides supporting information
– a list of recent press releases on the same or similar topic
– a list of contacts to instant message in case you need to confirm or discuss a point
– a web feed of other press releases

You get the picture there is a concrete example to motivate the discussion on what the future holds. The vision in this case is rich content management but basic content management services are assumed; versioning basic workflow approval and so on are taken for granted.

The commoditisation of basic content management has been much discussed, the question the above use case begs is: does it make sense to get your basic cm from a “cheap” source (think sharepoint or cloud) and then add richness from providers like EMC; or should EMC continue to fight for Documentum as a ECM platform to cover all your needs.



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  1. Robin, Interesting article i am currently deploying MDD and thoughts on it as product?

    • Kevin, I presume you are referring to My Documentum Desktop. As I’ve never used the product myself it wouldn’t make sense to comment on it’s usability, efficiency or stability. However what I would say is that is that it sounds like a good fit for getting wide and shallow ECM into the organisation. As I understand it there is no customization model so the features you get are what you get. Some people don’t like this however I think the core philosophy of the product is to enable people to work in a way that is natural and comfortable to them, ideally with minimal training and deployment support.

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