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May 10, 2010 at 4:20 pm | Posted in Performance | 3 Comments
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Scott Roth is a welcome entrant to the blogosphere – however I can’t find a way to add comments so I’ll put in a blog post instead:

His Documentum books page is missing the most up-to-date book yet published on documentum Pawan Kumar’s Documentum Content Management Foundations Study Guide. The current edition covers Documentum 5.3 but Packt are about to release a 2nd edition that brings us right up to D6.5.



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  1. Thanks, Robin. Being a newbie at this I am still getting used to all the gadgets and widgets and settings on my blog page. Sorry there was no room for comments, I think that should be cleared up now. I will also add Pawan’s book to my (short) list of books.

  2. Scott, no problem. I am the proud owner of all 3 Documentum books. Really there needs to be more, anyone? What is EMC doing to encourage this, you can’t just rely on blogs and white papers you sometimes need a more substantive, all-encompassing approach to a topic as well.

  3. The new book – Documentum 6.5 Content Management Foundations is now available. For more details and for a chance to win a copy of the book during June 2010, see dm_cram.

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