Xense Profiler for DFC beta 2

August 7, 2008 at 8:56 pm | Posted in D6, Performance, Xense Profiler | 1 Comment
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The first beta for Xense Profiler for DFC finished 31st July but we have decided to extend the program for another 3 months. If you are an existing beta group member you should have received an email containing a new licence key and a link to the updated beta (if you didn’t get the email let us know). If you haven’t already signed up for the beta then you can do so here.

When we sent out the renewal emails to the existing beta group members we also asked for some feedback. I’ll repeat the questions here as we would really like to here from anyone who has used (or tried to use) the software; any feedback helps us improve the product:

Beta Questionnaire

  1. Was it easy to download and install the software?
  2. Was the license process easy to follow and complete? How could it be improved?
  3. Did the software work first time or was there configuration that you had to perform?
  4. Was the invocation of the software and the command line syntax intuitive and easy to understand?
  5. DFC tracing has a confusing array of options and the intial beta required certain tracing parameters to be set. Was this clear or did this cause you problems? Did you resolve any problems or did you leave it as ‘requiring too much of my time’?
  6. Did the HTML reports display adequately on your browser? If not what browser and os were you using?
  7. Was the meaning and interpretation of the various reports clear? Would it be useful if the documentation could cover the theory and approach to tuning? Would motivational examples help your tuning work and the use of the software?
  8. The Xense Profiler for Documentum 5 systems includes a CSV output facility that allows the raw trace data to be converted to CSV for import into (for example) Excel. Would such a feature be useful in the Xense Profiler for DFC?
  9. If we could change or improve one thing about Xense Profiler for DFC what would it be?

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  1. […] Update 7 August 2008: We have extended the beta period for another 3 months […]

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