Documentum 5 Profiler

May 8, 2008 at 10:06 am | Posted in Performance, Xense Profiler | Leave a comment

Xense Profiler v1.3, the Documentum 5 performance profiler, has now been officially released after an extended and successful beta period. During that time there have been no bugs or issues reported.

If you need to quickly analyse systems for performance problems Xense Profiler is the fastest and most convenient tool for the job. No need to import files into Excel for analysis; the Xense Profiler, dmclprof, analyses DMCL trace files and creates HTML-based reports that provide the information you need to diagnose system performance problems.

One of the new features of v1.3 is a Top Queries report. In previous versions you had to rely on scanning through the Query Summary report to find long-running queries; for large traces with lots of queries this could be inconvenient.

Top Queries reports the Top 20 longest-running queries. In this case longest-running means the queries taking the most time to complete. Since its inception Xense Profiler has calculated the true cost of a query. Most other approaches to performance analysis simply record the time taken to complete a DfQuery.execute() call, Xense Profiler aggregates the duration of the execute() call and all the corresponding next() calls as well. Only in this way can you be sure that you really have identified the long-running queries in your system. The documentation is now on-line with examples of the reports.

If you are interested in using Xense Profiler for your systems you should check out the information on the Xense website.


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