Where is dmcl.ini in D6?

May 2, 2008 at 6:05 am | Posted in D6 | 4 Comments

Always interesting to look at the search terms people are using when they reach my blog. One I noticed this morning is ‘documentum dfc 6.0 install dmcl.ini’. Looks like someone is installing D6 and wants to know where the dmcl.ini is.

The DMCL and the dmcl.ini has been part of Documentum since I started working with it 9 years ago, but D6 breaks all that. For the record there is no dmcl.ini in D6 – all the parameters that used to be in dmcl.ini now have equivalents in the dfc.properties.


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  1. This means that web applications (DA etc) and desktop applications (like DAB, DAI etc) now access dfc.properties for active docbroker information.
    I think in 5.3 SP 5 as well dmcl.ini has been diminished and it takes values from dfc.properties.
    Please let me know if I am wrong in my understanding..Thanks!!

  2. Yes all applications will take docbroker information from dfc.properties for D6. I don’t think 5.3sp5 or sp6 introduced any specific changes to dmcl.ini v dfc.properties, the major change is for the D6 product set.

  3. I want to use samson.exe in D6 , but I dont know where the dmcl.ini should be located

    do u know what I should do in order to use samson ?
    is somthing need to be updated in the dfc.properties ?

    and if yes , where it should be located , and how the samson recognize it ?


    • haven’t used samson in ages. from what I recall samson was a dmcl-based executable which was designged to be run against the DMCL. As the dmcl no longer exists in D6 dmcl-versions of samson won’t work. If it has been re-written to use DFC rather than dmcl then you should update the entries in dfc.properties – I’ve no idea if this is the case. However if you are using a version from previous releases (D5) you would need to get hold of the dmcl dll and a dmcl.ini from a D5 installation and set it up to work against a D6 repostiory. It should work like that. Any reason why you want to use samson, have you looked at something like repoint?

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