Xense Profiler v1.3 beta

December 19, 2007 at 8:52 pm | Posted in Performance, Xense Profiler | Leave a comment

Xense Profiler v1.3 beta is now on the Xense website for download by existing customers. Prospective customers can purchase Xense Profiler from the Xense website or via our reseller Dell ASAP.

There are a number of changes in 1.3 but the key ones are:

  • A new Top Queries section on the summary report. This lists the 10 ten longest running queries (using the true query duration).
  • Performance improvements especially for parsing dmcl 5.3 traces

The Top Queries report is a great addition to the summary report. The Query Summary is excellent for getting an understanding of all the queries being issued by a Documentum application; it allows you to spot patterns in the queries being run. However when your application is suffering from 1 or 2 slow-running queries the Top Queries report allows you to quickly home in on the culprit.

The performance improvements are much needed when processing 5.3 traces. If you examine 5.3 dmcl trace files you will find there is a lot of extra debug type information whenever a collection object is transferred from the Content Server to the client. A bug in Xense Profiler v1.2 caused excessive CPU usage whenever the new 5.3 trace lines were being processed.


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