D6 SP1 out

November 27, 2007 at 8:37 pm | Posted in D6, DFS | 4 Comments

I see that SP1 has appeared on the download site for a few products (Content Server and DFC are the ones that caught my attention). DFS SP1 isn’t out yet, scheduled for Dec according to Craig Randell in the comments to his blog posting. Actually those comments are pretty useful to anyone needing further insight into the DFS .NET support. Recommended reading.



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  1. CS 6 SP1 is not yet release. Only some client applications (eg. Webtop) and DFC are there.
    CS SP1 will be until the end of the year (if they pass QA).

  2. D6 SP1 released (fully) yesterday–CS included. DFS 6.0 SP1 includes external object support in Object service. External objects are those accessible/addressable by ECIS regardless of not being managed in a Documentum content repository. DFS 6.0 SP1 also features a new .NET productivity layer. .NET developers can now be just as productive with DFS as their Java colleagues. I’ll try to blog more about this new release soon, understanding that it’s holiday time. 🙂

    -Craig (Randall with two ‘a”s ;-7 )

  3. Anyone know when the composer is coming out? It was siad it would be release with the sp1?

  4. Sometime in Jan 2008 see http://forums.developer.emc.com/thread.jspa?threadID=346&tstart=0

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