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November 8, 2007 at 3:58 pm | Posted in D6, Momentum, Performance, Troubleshooting, Xense Profiler | Leave a comment

I have been at the Momentum Conference in Monaco all week seeing all the exciting new stuff in D6 (and beyond) and I also presented on Performance Tuning in D6. I have uploaded the presentation here: Momentum 2007 Monaco – Inside EMC Documentum.

The presentation talks about the implications of removing the native code DMCL from DFC. There is no longer a dmcl trace facility which has been the cornerstone of performance tuning Documentum in the past. I suggest that the DFC can be used in a similar way. I then go on to discuss how a software tool could analyse the trace and I suggest there are 3 useful views of the performance data:

  • Top long running DFC calls
  • Top long running queries
  • Call profile

Update: Xense now has a beta version of a tool that does this, Xense Profiler for DFC.

I demonstrate 4 performance tuning example scenarios and show how the different views can be used to interpret the trace. Each of these example scenarios illustrate a performance problem pattern.

I should point out something: One of the things I say in the presentation is that there are not yet any performance tuning analysis scripts for D6 available from EMC. A subsequent discussion with Chase Harris revealed that there are some new scripts and they should be generally available. I’ll post some information about how to get hold of them when I find out.

Update: The scripts are here


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