Xense Profiler Offer

October 10, 2007 at 6:48 am | Posted in D6, Performance, Xense Profiler | Leave a comment

If you haven’t tried out the Xense Profiler, the Documentum Performance Profiling tool developed by my company, you should have a look at our new evaluation offer.

Anyone supplying a trace for evaluation before the end of October will qualify for a 50% discount. This prices the Xense Profiler v1.2 at just $250. You will get a free upgrade to v1.3 when it is released (beginning of November) and also a free version of the Xense Profiler for D6, the Documentum 6 DFC trace profiler when released.

When you send us a trace we put it through the Xense Profiler and send you back a copy of the report. I’ll also put in a short analysis note outlining the key points.


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