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February 20, 2007 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Performance, Troubleshooting | 1 Comment

I work with Documentum on Windows a lot and one of the indispensible tools is Task Manager. From monitoring CPU and memory usage, to checking whether dm_agent_exec is running I wouldn’t be without it. However recently I have been using something even better: Process Explorer from sysinternals.

Process Explorer is like Task Manager on rocket fuel. It has all the standard functionality of Task Manager, like the performance stats dashboard view and the list of processes that can be ordered by CPU usage. However it has loads of extra features. One I particularly like is the tree-view of processes that shows parent-child relationship; the children are the processes that have been started by the parent.

In the screenshot below it is easy to trace which docbasic method servers (mthdsvr.exe) belongs to which content server (dmserver_v4.exe).

Process Explorer

Something else that is incredibly useful is the ability to view the command line a particular process was invoked with. Recently I had to track down a performance problem where 1 content server out of several was hogging all the CPU. Since the docbase name is embedded in the command line it was easy to double-click on the dmserver_v4.exe process that was at the top of the CPU usage list and select the image tab. There are other ways but this was the quickest and easiest.

Since sysinternals was bought by Microsoft at the end of last year you can now get this utility (and all the other sysinternals favourites like regmon and filemon) from here


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  1. Nice tool robin, especially I like the tree view of parent & child process

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